I Don’t Kneed This

Leisurely 5km run-commute then a sharp pain in my left knee. :(

Manchester Piccadilly Treadmill 7.5k

A quick run in what became a packed fitness suite before dinner:

Sunday Best

I don’t do morning running: this was supposed to be a 10k with Ali but I was knackered so I turned back early. Ali’s pace meant it ended as a PB though… And I clearly need to adjust the strap on my heart monitor as it keeps slipping down and hence gives me a super-low reading!

Slightly Colder

Well, actually a lot colder than yesterday!

Back in the UK

Well I’m back from my blissful two weeks’ holiday in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Ko Samui, so here was my first run-commute since arriving back:

Ko Samui Treadmill 5k

Hellishly hot here at Sala Samui Resort & Spa. So the Garmin was under-reading or the treadmill was over-reading. And then I forgot to turn my Garmin off…

Ho Chi Minh City Treadmill 5k

Waaaaay too hot and sweaty for the 10k I’d planned, and too soon after breakfast!

Saigon Pullman Centre Treadmill 5k

I seem to have sorted the Garmin :)

Garmin Connect 1970-01-01 01:00:00

Hong Kong Treadmill 5k

The Garmin Forerunner 410 I use is still hopelessly under-reading from my footpod, so I’ll be recalibrating it back to 1000 and trying again. In the meantime, these readings are from the treadmill itself:

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