Seoul Stroll

After a flight in from London to Seoul and having been up for 22 hours now, I thought I’d brave the -2C to +2C temperatures to see what my mapped out 7km run would be like this week. “Hellish” is the answer: the first 2.7km is pretty much all uphill gaining some 500ft and just when I started coming back down, I discovered that the back part of the route was under hard-packed ice and snow. Ah…

Week 3 Day 1 Run Commute

My first run commute of 2017, despite still getting rid of the manflu from last week. Felt OK, but actually quite pleased with the overall time. Weighed myself afterwards and have dropped only one pound since just before Christmas which was disappointing at first but maybe not too bad given I usually pile on the pounds over Christmas every year.

Corralejo Town 6k

Very windy out there and I was already quite dehydrated. The tricky part was the main drag into town with nall the (other) tourists and finding that the route went onto the sand…

Week 51 Day 1 Walk to Work, Run Home

Back running after a few weeks’ illness; trying to shift the manflu still. Slowed down a bit by fire crews, police and ambulances at a fire on Bermondsey Wall.

I’ve lost 3½oz in the last couple of weeks … whoop!

Painful, Wheezing 5k Run Commute

Back after a 5 week lay-off due to manflu – still can’t shake it – and injuries. And my ankle isn’t fixed and my knee is playing up again, yadda, yadda…

And worse still, I’ve gained 1lb despite walking 75.4km to and from work.