Week 5 Day 4 Run Commute 5k

A week after my last run due to the tendonitis/calf muscle pull and this wasn’t too bad: the dodgy calf muscle started nipping up towards the end but not too bad. Ibuprofen is my friend though.

Weight is up ⅔lb to 87.8kg

Week 4 Day 4 Run Commute 3k

Bloody calf muscle nipped right up at around 2k. This weekend’s Cancer Research Winter Run 10k is a big worry now.

Weight is down to 87.5kg.

Week 3 Day 3 Run Commute 3k

Pulled up at just before 3k thanks to a stupid calf muscle pulling. Grr!

Weighed in (after a snack) at 87.7kg, down about 1lb on the start of the week.

Week 3 Day 2 Run Commute 5k

Second day in a row of walking to work and running home, so not too bad a time. Rest day tomorrow as I have a ‘thing’ after work.

Week 3 Day 1 Run Commute 5k

This felt really bad as I was so tired and walked towards the end, but the time says otherwise!

Weight after a boozy weekend’s entertaining is up to 88.2kg.

Week 2 Day 3 Run Commute 5k

Walked to work and ran home. Very cold tonight.

Weighed in at 87.5kg.

Week 2 Day 2 Run Commute Slow 5k

That was a late, slow one tonight: my left calf kept nipping up a bit every so often (and my other excuse is I’d walked 3½km to work in the morning)

Week 2 Day 1 Run Commute 6½k

Decided that as I didn’t walk to work, I’d start extending the run home; this time it’s 6½km.

Weighed in at 88.3kg.

Saturday Six with Alison

Decided to brave the weather and go out for another run with Alison. This is like the 5km route but tagged onto the mid-section was a quick extra bit through the park.

Second Run Commute of 2016

My second run-commute this week. Software upgrade on the fenix 3 meant no vibrating alerts each km so tricky to track progress even though it’s the same route as usual.

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