Gstaad Cycling 20k

The weather forecast for this afternoon is a little dodgy so we decided to borrow some MTBs from the fabulous Gstaaderhof Hotel for a little venture out on bikes.

Pre-Holiday 18k Bike Ride

Heading to the Alps tomorrow, so thought we’d get some exercise done first (ignoring the 25km I’ve walked this week getting over the calf miuscle injury).

Week 25 Day 1 Run Commute 5k

Walked to work whilst it was pretty close and slightly spitting with rain, then ran home when it was very close and a lot warmer. Still feeling the effects of the summer cold.

Week 24 Day 1 Run Commute 5k

Very windy and imminent threat of heavy rain plus I’ve come down with (yet another) summer cold. Great! But quite pleased with the run.

Weight is down ½lb since last time…

Sunday Woolwich 31.6k Part 2

So after my fenix 3 decided to finish the first bit for me – I suppose it thought that drinking wine wasn’t approriate behaviour – this was the second part back home.