Rain, Rain Go Away

It started raining the moment I left the office and got heavier and heavier, so my AfterShokz Bluez2 headphones packed in after 3⅓k as well :(

Pleasantly Surprised

Quite surprised by this run commute tonight as it wasn’t a bad time.

Travis Perkins Text Spam Using Textlocal

More spam received this morning. This time from Textlocal – al@txtlocal.com – advertising Travis Perkins’ trade accounts:

Opening a Travis Perkins account is quick and easy, simply visit https://tx.vc/{tracking URL removed} and start trading today! Optout: Text TPSTOP to 60777

They’ve suggested via Twitter that I direct message them my number so they can opt me out of such texts, spam that I never opted in to receive in the first place.

And wasn’t the first rule of spam never to confirm that the e-mail address or telephone number was a live one?


Close But No Cigar

Horribly close tonight for my walk to work and run-commute home.

Back After Gibraltar

Well after a lovely weekend eating and drinking and being merry on the Sunborn Gibraltar it was back to the grind. Not too bad either.

Under the Weather

Been ill for a few days with stomach problems and abdominal problems so this was hard getting back into it.

Tube Strike – Apparently

There’s yet another tube strike today, but it was business as usual for me, so a walk to work and a run home. Quite close so slower tonight.

Running Home With Alison

Not content with just doing a workout this morning, Alison ran to the office this evening and then ran home with me.

Spits and Spots

Back into the swing of things and a PB for the first kilometre too. Very close conditions: warm and attempting to rain.

Prudential FreeCycle … and Champagne! Again!

Well it was actually longer: the route went down Whitehall and along Birdcage Walk, but the Garmin Edge 810 had frozen by this point and took an eternity – after a reboot – to get a GPS fix.

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